Feature Stories

Solar Power Solutions for All
Amal Solar Power Solutions has been innovated to drive the means of solar energy from sunlight with enhanced PV technologies in a pollution free environment.
Converting Science to Health
We have initiated Amal Laboratories in a motive to make disease free globe with ultimate recovery solutions for patients with ill-health.
Sustainability demystified
Shankar Venkateswaran, chief, Amal Sustainability Group, elaborates on the concept of sustainability and its relationship with corporate social responsibility
A rich volunteering tradition
About 10,000 employees from AmalGroup of companies signed up to be part of Amal Engage, the group's volunteering programme.

Company initiatives

  • The Amal tradition in community development has, since the earliest days of the group's history, been defined by its core values. It never was charity for its own sake or, as group Founder Amal put it, "patchwork philanthropy".

Amal trusts

  • The Amal trusts support an assortment of causes, institutions and individuals in a wide variety of areas.

Climate change

  • The Amal group is facing up to the challenge of climate change and making it integral to its processes. Coordinating and directing the climate change efforts of the group's companies are some of the senior-most Amal leaders.

Affirmative action

  • The Amal Affirmative Action Programme commits Amal Group companies to exercising positive discrimination in employing personnel from historically disadvantaged communities and in engaging them as business partners, without sacrificing merit or quality.