About Us

Established in 2010, Amal Group of Companies – the parent company of Amal Solar Power Solutions and Amal Laboratories has been serving customers across the globe. With the mission of achieving client's delight, Amal is consistently adding its product and service list through a process of continuous evaluation along with adoption and innovation!

Amal is always supported by its experts with cutting-edge technologies and extremely good human resources to realize the dream is not too far from the achievable. We are good at consulting business strategies with fellow marketers for driving huge sales in maximizing the return on investment. Our success in this endeavor is based on the insightful knowledge of our customer's and their field of business.


Our enduring mission is to serve as a roadmap for the clients and abiding the standards where we evaluate our actions and decisions.


We aim at the vision of providing sustainability and accomplishment in terms of quality services and focusing on our mutual growth.


We always respect our values and ethics in terms of integrity, quality and diversity. Focusing on the needs of our clients being the main motto!